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Business Financing in Hawaii (HI)

Equipment Leasing in Hawaii

Population of Hawaii (HI)

  • Estimated Population: 1,374,810
  • Estimated Business Population: 25,746

Geography of Hawaii (HI)

  • Land Area (in kilometers squared): 16,635
  • Capital: Honolulu
  • Time Zone(s): HST

Economy of Hawaii (HI)

  • Hawaii Gross Domestic Product (GDP in $Millions): $68,900

Politics of Hawaii (HI)

  • Senator: Daniel Inouye
  • Senator: Daniel Akaka

History of Hawaii

About 1500 years ago, Polynesians first set foot on Hawaii's Big Island. 500 years later, settlers from Tahiti arrived bringing their beliefs and cultures to the islands. In 1778, Captain James Cook landed on Kauai at Waimea Bay. Cook named the archipelago the “Sandwich Islands” and opened the doors of the islands to the west. Western influence continued to grow and by 1959, Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States.

Main Industries

Hawaii is best known for is tourism and agriculture. Hawaii has over 7million visitors per year. Aside from the obvious nature sites, tourists can find anything from extravagant resorts and golf courses to modest local towns and sacred Hawaiian historical sites. Hawaii is also well-known for its crops including pineapple, bananas, macadamia nuts, taro, and sugar cane.

Future Industries

Major tourism stakeholders agree that the future of Hawaii's primary economic driver will include plenty of growth. Hawaii still remains at the top in terms of desirability and that does not seem likely to change any time soon. Hawaii just ended 2011 with 7.3 million visitor arrivals. Visitor statistics show nearly a 14 percent growth in visitor spending already.

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