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Printer Leasing

Printer Leasing

Printer Leasing

A printer is defined as a peripheral or a device connected to a host computer, which produces a concrete representation of an electronic document on physical media. High-end office printers are so advanced nowadays that they are able to produce documents with intricate graphics, photos, and text. Multifunction printers or MFPs include a scanner and can copy paper documents or send faxes; these types of printers are commonly found in office buildings and schools. High-end printers vary in size, speed, sophistication, and cost. Generally, more expensive printers are used for high-resolution color printing in graphics related businesses like design firms and photography studios. Purchasing one or multiple printers can get very expensive no matter the brand or model, so a good rule is to do some research before purchasing one.

Working with Taycor

Purchasing a brand new or used printer can be costly, and many businesses do not have adequate funds to purchase these machines upfront. Taycor Financial has experience leasing printers from some of the top printer manufacturers including Hewlett Packard, Epson, Canon, Lexmark, Xerox, Panasonic, and Samsung to name just a few. With financing offered through Taycor, acquiring a high-end printer is now possible. We can help your business achieve its goals and reach its maximum earning potential so it finally starts working for you. We understand that the process of purchasing a printer is expensive and time consuming, so we are here to provide you with the most competitive leasing and financing options possible.

Benefits of Working with Taycor

Taycor is proud to offer you top of the line customer care alongside of premium services that cannot be found at your local bank. Taycor knows what businesses need and is built around the many businesses it caters to. The financing application process takes almost no time at all and is usually processed within two hours. In addition, Taycor offers some of the lowest and most competitive rates in the industry, and we are confident that we can help you fund your purchases. If you are interested in learning more about printer leasing or want to learn more about the application process, please do not hesitate to call us today at 1-800-322-9738.

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