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Office Equipment Financing

Office Equipment Financing

Building a More Productive Office Environment

Today, larger efforts are made in companies across all industries to make the office place a more productive environment. Purchases once were predominately comprised of basic office desks, cubes, chairs, and conference room equipment. More and more requests are being made through our customer network to finance elaborate office settings. From billiards tables, to soda fountains, or fully functional kitchens on par with the most professional of restaurants Taycor evolves with the requests and needs of our customers.

Lease & Financing

With more dynamic requests for office equipment being made, Taycor is fully prepared and more than capable to help with both traditional and not so tradition office equipment leasing and financing. We have created bridges between our primary office equipment portfolio and other asset financing to create custom structures and loan programs. We are a one stop shop that provides flexibility in financing while minimizing initial expenditures. Small and medium-sized businesses alike can obtain the office equipment, furniture, and productivity enhancers they need without draining cash flow.


  • One Stop Financing: Taycor has streamlined the traditional lease and loan programs and made financing more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. We have also innovated new programs to provide infrastructure financing through working capital programs that provide funds to be used for improvements, renovations, marketing, or provide a capital injection to grow your business.
  • Application-Only Financing: For traditional leasing and financing programs, Taycor has expanded our app-only approval capacity to $150,000 (no tax returns or financial required). For established businesses we are able to expedite approvals due to the minimized documentation needs, often without the need of a personal guarantee.

Moving Forward

The need for new office equipment and framework will always be essential to any business growth. Build and design your office space, shop from the vendor(s) of your choice for the new or used equipment, furniture, and fixtures you need, and then partner with Taycor to finance your purchase with a often tax deductable low monthly payment.

Industries We Serve

Computer Leasing

Taycor is partnered with many of the top computer manufacturers, and we assure that we can help you find the best financing and leasing options in order to grow your business.

Copier Leasing

With so many different types of copier machines available, we will help you select the best machine for your business and offer you competitive rates.

Furniture Leasing

Taycor has years of experience financing office furniture and we are confident that we can help you select the highest quality furniture at the most competitive rates.

Phone System Leasing

Get the best payments for the new or used office phone system you need to update and grow your business. Taycor has created industry partnerships to provide special leasing and financing programs on your next purchase.

Vending Machine Leasing

With a wide range of leasing and financing options for vending machines, Taycor Financial is proud to partner with leaders in the industry to help you add to your business.

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