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Manufacturing Equipment Financing

Manufacturing Machinery Financing

Cost Effective and Scalable Manufacturing Equipment Leasing Options

Fast and efficient production regardless of the product is dependent on having the right equipment doing the right job. From free standing machine tools and plastic injection molding machines to whole manufacturing lines, investing in the right equipment gains production abilities, efficiencies, quality, quantity, and scalability.

Lease & Financing

Two of the major factors considered in the purchase of manufacturing equipment is scalability and flexibility. This should also be the case when looking for financing options. Traditional bank financing often encumbers existing lines of credit, collateralizes cash reserves, or is simply too difficult and complicated to obtain. Our entire business product revolves around providing equipment leasing and financing support. This is our one and only focus and even amongst our piers we stand apart through superior rates, service, and programs.


  • Scalability: Manufacturing as an industry grows and hunkers down depending on the economic climate of their customers. Taycor offers a dynamic approach to leasing and financing programs by offering payment deferrals or holidays to coincide with slow seasons as well as expedited funding processes to help you grow your manufacturing capacity as quickly as you need it. Our goal is that you never wait on us.
  • Higher Limit Application-Only Financing: Taycor has partnered with some of the top manufacturers of machine tools and manufacturing equipment to provide expanded app-only leasing and financing. We are able to extend to credit qualified customers approvals up to $225,000 application only. Contact a finance specialist for more details.

Manufacturing a Brighter Tomorrow

The Fed chairman Ben Bernanke has committed to maintain low rates to sustain economic growth. The announcement has spurred expedited growth in the manufacturing sector and we are committing additional resources and support to keep up with demand. If you are purchasing manufacturing equipment for expansion, replacement, or as a transition from one type of production to another, we are Taycor, and we are here to help.

Industries We Serve

CNC Machine Leasing

Taycor is partnered with many of the top CNC machine manufacturers, and we assure that we can help you find the best financing and leasing options in order to grow your business.

Injection Molding Machine Leasing

Purchasing an injection mold machine can potentially leave a large dent in your checking account, and Taycor is here to help you finance your purchase.

Metalworking Machinery Leasing

With so many types of metalworking machinery available, choosing the best brands and models can become quite difficult; Taycor is here to help you purchase your metalworking machinery.

Woodworking Equipment Leasing

Just like all manufacturing processes, woodworking involves many different types of equipment and Taycor can help you acquire the machines you need.

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