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The speed at which technology continues to advance has created a difficult environment for businesses that want to maintain the latest IT equipment infrastructure and computer hardware. Often staying ahead of the competition meant costly technology upgrades that reduced cash reserves, and over time has also created problems storing outdated computers and IT equipment.

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Avoid computer, technology hardware, and network infrastructure obsolescence with Taycor's Hardware Refresh Program. The Hardware Refresh Program was created specifically for the technology industry where the purchased equipment frequently becomes obsolete in a few short years. The integral and business vital computers, servers as well as other network and IT equipment can be leased for a low monthly payment, and then after the expiration of the lease can be upgraded to the latest model as you renew the lease.


  • Tax Deductible Payments: If you don't plan on exercising the purchase option available to you at the end of the term, you can claim the lease payments and reduce your tax liabilities. Also tax code Section 179 is available on many financing structures where the total cost of the equipment may be written off as a lump sum in the year you purchase it versus a small depreciation each year.
  • No Down Payment: IT equipment leasing allows you to purchase the computers, servers, and other hardware you need without a reduction in cash reserves. Often leasing and financing programs can be structured with one or no payments in advance and also cover the expense of delivery, installation, and training.


The history of technology started with the invention of tools and techniques. In recent years it now mostly refers to the booming industry of Information Technology. Advances in the past century has made it possible for humans to travel to places we could never go before, and probe the nature of the universe in more detail than our natural senses allow.

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Technology and the application of that technology has become one of the greatest driving forces of progress over the recent years. With such an effective tool the race towards technological superiority has also quickened. Taycor specializes in technology leasing and financing programs.

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