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An electrical generator uses mechanical energy and converts it into electrical energy. Some sources of mechanical power are water and wind turbines, internal combustion engines, steam engines, and compressed air. The two main types of electric generators are based on the current they produce; the first type produces Direct Current (DC – one direction) and the second type produces Alternative Current (AC – reverses direction). Both types work on the same basis, but are differently constructed to create direct or alternative currents. The DC generators are often seen in older automobiles and machines whereas the AC generators are the daily power generators used for buildings power supply, inside cars, and emergency home generators. Generators can range in price from a couple hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, making them a substantial investment.

Working with Taycor

Taycor recognizes that purchasing a new or used generator can get quite expensive, and we are here to aid you in choosing the best leasing or financing program to suit to your business. With financing offered through Taycor Financial, purchasing a generator is now possible. Taycor can help your business achieve its goals and reach its maximum earning potential so it finally starts working for you. We are partnered with many of the top generator manufacturers such as Honda, NorthStar, Generac, Hertz, and CAT to name just a few. Taycor will help you secure a low lease rate and flexible leasing term so that you are able to afford the highest quality of equipment possible.

Benefits of Working with Taycor

Purchasing a generator can often leave a large dent in your checking account. Taycor understands what it is like to run a business, and has tailored its services around their clients to ensure that financing equipment is easy, simple, and quick. We are a full service company providing not only a friendly and knowledgeable staff for your financing needs, but an in-house marketing team as well, helping you upgrade your business and simultaneously draw in new business. Our application requires only a minimal amount of personal information and is usually processed in less than two hours. If you have any questions about what type of leasing or financing program is right for you, please don't hesitate to call one of our leasing professionals at 1-800-322-9738.

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