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Industrial Equipment Financing

Industrial Equipment Finance

Industrial Machinery Financing

For those businesses that rely on warehouse and material handling equipment, they know that the cost of ownership doesn't stop at the price to purchase. Machinery with large logs of hours often needs constant repairs or service that creates both a loss of revenue through downtime along with the cost of maintenance. Update your machinery and equipment and increase your efficiency.

Lease & Financing

The nationwide industrial equipment financing portfolio has grown approximately 4% each year since 2009. The cost of new acquisitions can be reduced by gains in tax advantages, reduced operating costs, and increases in overall efficiencies. Taycor believes the once antiquated and drawn out process of financing a new machinery purchase has no place in the current business environment. We provide multiple financing options and superior customer support, because our business model revolves around a customer first approach.


  • Reduction of Tax Liabilities: A financing specialist can help structure a lease or financing program that could help with tax liabilities and burden. Leasing as an option carries some of the greatest rewards for small and medium-sized businesses. Talk to a financial specialist for a consultation of benefits.
  • Corp-Only Financing: As your business becomes more established the desire to separate the personal ownership from the business credit comes more sharply into focus. Taycor provides multiple leasing and financing options where the company you have built over the years can stand alone. The corp-only program also benefits companies that are widely owned across multiple owners, government, and also non-profit entities.

The Vision

Warehouses, factories, and storage companies will continue to hold their place as a part of the business process. Advancements in technology continue to maximize and streamline efficiencies through material handling, space management, and safety equipment.

Industries We Serve

Compressor Leasing

Taycor has many years of experience leasing and financing compressors for businesses. We are confident that we can help you fund your purchases.

Forklift Leasing

Let Taycor help you finance your forklift purchase; we will take care of the financing so that you can focus on growing your business.

Generator Leasing

Get the best leasing and financing options for your new or used generator. Taycor is proud to partner with many of the top manufacturers in the industry to help you add to your business.

Welder Leasing

Allow us to take care of the equipment financing process so that you can focus on adding value to your business and reach your full potential.

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