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Health & Fitness Equipment Financing

Fitness Equipment Financing

Building a Healthy Tomorrow

Health, beauty, and fitness centers revolve their business model around a customer focused environment. Whether you are a medical spa or a fitness studio, building a loyal following is about maximizing space and purchasing the right equipment to engage customers. Like the innovators and leaders of a more active and healthy lifestyle choice, Taycor too provides innovations in our industry through award winning customer support and finance programs.

Lease & Financing

With the number of options for fitness studios, gyms, and spas growing each day it has become absolutely imperative to maintain a modern facility, and have access to the latest equipment. Few industries benefit more from leasing and financing as they do in the health and fitness vertical. This is due in part because mission critical equipment tends to have a short useful life, and the need to continually add equipment is draining on cash reserves.


  • Improved Asset Management: With health and fitness equipment leasing, businesses purchase the equipment they need and schedule the term to coincide with the expected useful life. When the lease term expires, refresh the existing equipment infrastructure with new and state of the art exercise machines, or health and beauty equipment.
  • Master Lease Line: With one approval process Taycor can provide capital support through a master line of credit. When the need for new equipment purchases arises simply contact your dedicated finance specialist and we will append to the exiting documents with a one page form. We work like your checkbook.

What the Future Hold

Society as a whole is moving towards greener energy initiatives, healthy organic eating, and living a life of activity and wellness. The translation is a boom in the health and fitness industry as well as continued advancement of technology that feeds efficiency and success.

Industries We Serve

Cardio Equipment Financing

Taycor Financial is here to provide you with the best leasing and financing options for cardio equipment in order to grow your business.

Gymnastics Equipment Financing

Taycor has many years of experience financing gymnastics equipment; let them handle the financing so you can focus on growing your business.

Strength Training Equipment Financing

With many options for leasing and financing programs, Taycor Financial is proud to supply you with the best types of strength training equipment.

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