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Semi Truck Leasing

Semi Truck Leasing

Semi Trucks

A semi-truck is defined as a trailer without a front axle where a large proportion of its weight is supported by either a road tractor or by a dolly. These trucks are also known as 18-wheelers for the number of tires on the combined unit. The purpose of a semi-truck is to carry freight and cargo over long distances and they are often times found on freeways making cross country journeys. Semi trucks can be used to haul goods from city to city across the country, or they can work a smaller local market. They can also be used for heavy hauling where they are set up to move extremely heavy pieces of construction or manufactured equipment such as tractors and bulldozers. Due to their sizeable nature, semi trucks are very expensive to acquire.

Working with Taycor

Purchasing a brand new or used semi-truck can be quite costly, and many businesses do not have adequate funds to purchase a semi-truck without any financing. Taycor Financial has experience working with many of the top semi-truck manufacturers such as Peterbuilt Motor Company, Mack Trucks, Freightliner, Western Star Trucks, Kenworth Truck Company, and Volvo Trucks to name just a few. With financing offered through Taycor, acquiring a semi-truck is now possible. We can help your business achieve its goals and reach its maximum earning potential so it finally starts working for you. We understand that the process of purchasing a semi-truck is expensive and time consuming, so we are here to provide you with the most competitive leasing and financing options possible.

Benefits of Working with Taycor

In general, leasing a semi-truck costs much less than borrowing or buying, because you are essentially renting the equipment. We understand that purchasing a brand new or used semi-truck can pose a large threat to your checking account, so we are here to help you find the best type of payment option for your business. Taycor understands what it's like to run a business and has tailored its services around its clients to ensure that financing equipment is easy, simple, and fast. Fill out or online application form or contact us by phone at 1-800-322-9738. If you have any questions about which type of leasing or financing program is right for you, please do not hesitate to call one of our leasing professionals.

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