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Automotive Frame Machine Leasing

Automotive Repair Frame Machine Financing

Frame Machines

Frame machines are one of the core pieces of equipment found in auto repair shops, their function of bending frames back into shape after a wreck being a mainstay of business for any automotive repair shop. Generally 15-24ft long, frame machines comes in sizes from standard sedan to heavy duty truck, making the frame machine a considerable piece of equipment that undergoes great stresses and extreme use even in the smallest of auto repair shops. This means that even the most basic models have to be made to the highest standards with the best level of craftsmanship, such as those manufactured by Chassis Liner and Nationwide, in order to ensure their lengthy and continued in shop. These exacting standards required to build frame machines, along with the sheer amount of materials required for each can mean that frame benders are expensive, making replacement or addition of a frame machine a sizeable financial obstacle to overcome.

Working with Taycor

Taycor financial is proud to offer business friendly, top of the line services to help your automotive repair shop get the equipment it needs. Providing an in-house marketing team and assigning an agent to each client to help them with their financing needs means that not only are you getting the best in the business customer service but your also getting it fast, with most applications reviewed and responded to within 2 hours of its submission! Taycor also offers flexible end-of-term options for your leased equipment, allowing you to turn an expense into pure profit as your frame bending machine becomes yours. Bundling together multiple pieces of equipment, such as a frame machine and alignment system, is an option that many auto shop owners choose to pursue the purchase of one becomes complimentary to purchasing the other. Replacing old, out of date machinery with cutting edge tech is absolutely crucial to stay competitive in the auto repair and service industry. Using Taycor Financial to help finance or lease new equipment ensures that your shop isn't left in the dust by new technologies and that broken machinery doesn't have to spell disaster for your business.

Benefits of Working with Taycor

Taycor Financial prides itself in being a full service finance company, designing its programs around businesses to give them what they need, when they need it. Taycor works kind of like your company's checkbook and can help your company through the financial strain of a large purchase. When a large ticket purchase becomes necessary, financing through Taycor means that you won't have to sink all your company's assets in the initial investment, allowing you more flexibility when running the company. Taycor also offers some of the best services in the industry, offering an in house marketing team that will work with you to bring more business to you company through its finance hubs. So stop letting that large purchase loom over your business' future and contact Taycor today!

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