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Automotive Repair Equipment Financing

Auto Repair Equipment Lease

Auto Repair Equipment Leasing & Financing

Outfitting an automotive shop with the right engine, body, frame, and electronic diagnostic repair equipment is an expensive task. From car lifts to dynamometers, Taycor Financial provides the right tools for success. We specialize in helping you acquire the tools and equipment you need to help with your expansion or replacement project.

Leasing & Financing

Utilizing leasing or financing to acquire the automotive repair equipment you need is a guaranteed way for your business to increase cash flow while reducing your tax liability. Today's high tech cars, trucks, and trailers require diagnostic computers as often as wrenches to fix. Contact a finance specialist to discuss payment structures and available terms. Let us make the purchase of the new or used equipment you need to provide professional car repair and service easy. At Taycor Financial, we offer customized finance packages with low rates so your business can acquire all the automotive repair equipment it needs to grow.


  • Custom Payment Structure: Taycor understands that state of the art shop equipment requires a large amount of capital. In solution we offer flexible payment terms ranging from 12 to 72 months. Businesses can pick the equipment their auto shop needs from the vendor(s) of their choice. Custom payment options are also available.
  • Flexible End-of-Term Options: Taycor offers auto shops with many options at the end of their lease. Businesses have the choice of trading in their automotive repair equipment for an upgraded version, buying the current equipment, or returning it for different equipment.

Training for Tomorrow

There are nearly 170,000 mechanical automotive repair shops in the United States, ranging from service stations, body shops, auto shops, repair shops, and more. No shop is complete without the right tools for the job. Lifts, air tools, compressors, etc with the rapid evolution of vehicles on the road today training your mechanics and technicians is first, and getting the proper tools is a close second.

Industries We Serve

Auto Spray Booth Leasing and Financing

Expand, update, or replace what is often the central fixture of your auto repair shop. Spray booth financing programs make what would be a large purchase an easy to budget monthly payment.

Automotive Frame Machine Leasing

Get the best payments for the frame machine, frame rack or straightener you need to complete or update your body repair shop. Taycor has created industry partnerships to provide special leasing and financing programs on your next purchase.

Car Wash System Financing

With automated car wash systems ranging in price depending on technology, leasing and financing is always a great option to acquire the right car wash you need with a low affordable financing plan.

Emissions Testing Equipment Leasing

With emissions guidelines varying from state to state, it is important to have the right equipment to certify customer vehicles for compliance. With OBD-I vehicles becoming less frequent and rolling dyno type emission stations less necessary, upgrade your vehicle diagnostic station with the latest in emissions testing equipment with easy leasing and financing options.

Racks & Automotive Lift Leasing

We provide leasing and financing for the entire range of vehicle lifts. Update your auto shop with the car lifts, auto lifts, motorcycle lights, or automotive lifts you need to diagnose your customers repair needs to get them back on the road quickly.

Tire Changer Leasing and Financing

We have re-engineered our line of leasing and financing products to keep pace with the demands of auto repair shops. We have partnered with leading providers of tire changers to provide flexible terms and options on your next purchase.

Wheel Alignment System Leasing

Whether your shop specializes in front-end, thrust angle or four-wheel alignment having the right equipment and machine for the job is key to getting your customers back on the road fast. Taycor offers specialized monthly payment options to get the right equipment you need.

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