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Professional Video Camera Leasing

Professional Video Camera Leasing

Professional Video Cameras

Every film, from the highest budget summer blockbuster all the way to Dad's film of everyone during the last family gathering, starts with one thing – the camera. Over the past few years the once clear cut lines of distinction between professional and amateur filmmaker continue to blur, and with the rapid advancement of technology it seems that video cameras are following the trend. Cameras continue to get more advanced, and although the premium on them isn't as astronomical as it was only a few decades ago, they still remain expensive and can be a considerable financial obstacle to overcome. As the industry begins a new chapter of cinema history, with the revolution of 3D cinematography on the rise in blockbuster films and the internet allowing lesser known startup filmmakers to reach massive audiences, the time for purchasing a new video camera is now.

Working with Taycor

Video camera technology has changes considerably over a relatively short amount of time, the advancement letting cinematography go from an astronomically complex and expensive process used only by film studios to something more akin to a hobby or pastime for amateur filmmakers. Although the advancement technology allows for some cameras to get cheaper, it also means that high end cameras can be very expensive. Camera systems like RED Camera, Canon, Panasonic, and Sony can easily cost a few thousand dollars each, a serious out-of-pocket financial burden should you find yourself needing a new or replacement system. The breakneck speed of technology advancement also means that your camera is becoming obsolete faster, and if you aim to keep up with the Jones's leasing cameras through Taycor means that you won't have to go broke doing so. Letting Taycor Financial finance your next video camera purchase can help alleviate some of the stresses and strains that usually accompany such a large purchase. So whether your purchasing a high end system such as a RED or multiple, lesser cameras for a school news program let Taycor help with financing so you can keep focus on the task at hand.

Benefits of Working with Taycor

Taycor financial is proud to offer a wide variety of services to its clients, offering an array of services that won't be found at your local bank. Taycor offers a fast and simple application process, each application only taking a small amount of personal information and usually being responded to within a few hours of completion. Taycor also offers flexible end of term payment options, giving you the choice of buying you currently leased camera or upgrading to a new system. Taycor offers some of the lowest rates in the industry and with custom payment option and flexible end of term options there's no reason to keep procrastinating on upgrading your camera any longer. So contact Taycor today and get back in the game!

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